One Piece

burn-shit-and-lego asked: Amazing! Also what cam do you use? :}

Hey! Sorry, I abandoned Tumblr for a little bit.

I use a Nikon D80.


- Jose Gallina


Dripcult “free art.” contest.

Contest Rules:

*By doing these two easy steps, you enter to win this RARE, one of a kind, 16 x 20 inch “Art is hard.” painting, created by Andrew Gibson of dripcult. Winner will also get a dripcult “shout out,” which includes a link to YOUR tumblr posted on dripcult’s tumblr and blog. Painting will be shipped to you free of charge. (Will ship internationally!) Contest ends Oct, 20, 2011.

drip drip.

(Source: dripcult)

Photo Shoot by: Jose Gallina

Photo Shoot by: Jose Gallina